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See the award-winning comedy ministry short film!

One Nightstand

Traveling (and married) businessman Barry Riven (Thor Ramsey) makes discreet plans with a lady of the night, Claudia (Kimberly Durrett), only to be interrupted by two quirky hotel employees (Nathan Ford and Charles Anteby) and the sobering contents of the room's nightstand, before Claudia arrives at Barry's door.

Will Barry heed the gracious intervention, or follow through with his plans?

Meet The Creative Team

Gary Emrick


Gary Emrick's early background in the entertainment industry is as a Staff Director for the Trinity Broadcasting Network and as an Emmy-winning TV Camera Operator.   Seeing the need for good, family-friendly TV and films, Gary has in more recent years put his hands to writing and producing.   In 2011, he teamed up with Filmmaker Christopher Shawn Shaw to create an award-winning faith-based short film entitled "One Nightstand", scripted by Emrick, based on the Scripture verse, Titus 2:11-12.

Christopher Shawn Shaw

Director/Producer/Executive Producer

Christopher Shawn Shaw is an award-winning filmmaker who specializes in Film/Video Directing, Producing, Creative Consulting, Editing, Writing, and Acting. He's also the Founder and Producer of NCSFF (Night of Comedy & Short Films FUNdraiser), a 90-minute live event that intermixes hilarious (and family-friendly) stand-up comedy and short film screenings in order to raise awareness and support for producing more high-quality, redemptive film/video content.

Featured Cast Members

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Thor Ramsey

as Barry Riven

Kimberly Durrett

as Claudia

Charles Anteby

as Pierre